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Gather minerals and build defenses. One of my first games from some time ago.

I worked a bunch on it back in the day but it still doesn't feel enjoyable. I did everything myself from music and sound effects to code and models, so its very shitty. The first four levels are done. I'm going to say straight that the game may seem very difficult. There are a few details to master. Now the story:

You are a Worker, artificial entity designed for dangerous endeavors. Long ago the species of your creators was threatened and a handful of Seed Ships, the species' last resort, were launched into deep space. You awake as the Seed Ship you were assigned on crashes on a unknown planet, but your capsule was separated from the main hull. The other Workers did not make it, however you have a few beacons that can be used to chart the surroundings and find your way to the crash site, in order to activate the Seed Ship and save your creators. If this planet holds lifeforms, they will surely be disturbed by the beacons. Protect them at all costs!

StatusOn hold
Made withUnity
TagsAliens, Robots, Tower Defense
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Just extract the files and run the game.


Colony.zip 26 MB

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